Q: Do you offer a discount for an annual contract?

Yes. We have highly reduced rates for customers who want to enjoy the peace of mind of having an annual contract and knowing that their driveway will always be clear from snow.

Q: Do you offer monthly contract for vacation homes that don’t need year to remain open all winter?

Yes. We offer both single service rates for those special occasions when you fly in to your vacation home, as well as a monthly discounted rate for extended vacations.

Q: Do you use reliable equipment?

Yes. We use a commercial grate Western Prodigy snow plow attached to a new Ford F350 Turbo Diesel 4×4.

Q: What happens if it snows heavy after you have already plowed that day?

For customers who have an annual contract, we plow twice a day if needed.

Q: What do I do when the city plow comes down the street and pushes two feet of packed snow in the apron of my driveway after you have cleared it?

While the city attempts to avoid doing that, sometimes it does happen. If the snow is so deep that it is a hazard or inconvenient, kindly contact us and we will attempt to clear this within a reasonably agreed upon time frame.

Q: What happens if ice builds up in a certain area of my driveway or sidewalk?

We offer options services to use salt and hand removal to clear these occasional builds ups of ice and snow from foot traffic or cars. These services are offered on a billable hourly basis upon request.

Q: What happens if we have an excessive winter and snow becomes so built up that excavation is required?

We offer optional services upon request to load and haul away excess snow at a rate of $125 per hour.